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Tech Planet - Tecnologia e Informática - Acesso Remoto
The Tech planet is a company based in Belo Horizonte/MG that has been operating for 10 years in the national high-performance personal and business computing market. We are a technical assistance company specialized in maintenance and assembly of computers, servers, notebooks, computer sales, formatting, spare parts and accessories.

We are specialists in the planning, execution and implementation of networks for homes and corporate companies, managing all the execution logistics and the necessary infrastructure, structured cabling and server technology.  Through maintenance contracts we take care of with quality and competence of all our customers' IT equipment, freeing them for personalized action in the "core business" activities, adding value to the company's business. 

We work with maintenance and technical assistance for computers and notebooks of brands HP , Compaq , Toshiba , Acer , Dell , Positivo , Sony Vaio , Asus , Megaware , Semp-Toshiba , Itautec , Amazon PC , and unbranded equipment (assembled) in general.

Integrity and transparency in our relationships are innate characteristics of the company and the main reason for its rapid rise in the market. We strive for excellence in service so that you, our customer and the most important part of our purposes, feel confident and secure when buying and contacting our services at Tech Planet, knowing that you can count on us whenever you need.





We are specialists in remote solutions, with agility, quality in service and security to the user/company.

Local Service  

We come to you, schedule your appointment with us. Our goal is to solve with quality and agility without technical visit costs. We value customer satisfaction, which is paramount to our development.

maintenance and products

We are specialists in preventive/corrective maintenance, assembly of computers and servers. We also sell the best products with partnership from the best manufacturers and extended warranty.

24 hour deadline

We know that time is money and nobody wants to waste time. That's why agility in our services without losing quality and excellence is paramount. Solution at Tech Planet has a deadline of 24hs. 


We install all the software you need at our headquarters and also remotely at a cost that fits in your pocket. We provide after-sales support at no cost.

Assistance / Headquarters

In our assistance you are at home, comfort, convenience, internet access, in case you need to wait for a certain service, we have a space for the customer to feel at home being able to access the internet, solving their problems, all in one place.

Web site

We develop complex html websites with all features at the user's discretion. We provide all the support you need to answer questions and change the platform.

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