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Tech Planet is a Computer and Computer Sales and Technical Assistance company, remote assistance for small e micro-companies, remote solutions for your company or personal computer, sale of products, computers, notebooks (Manufacturer Dell) Used, components for notebooks and computers (with Warranty do supplier and Support). 

Our expertise consists computer sales, parts/components, repair, computer and notebook maintenance.

Remote Assistance: Solutions such as system conflicts, viruses, slowness, e-mail configuration, configuration of business systems or systems in general, solutions to problems with software, installation and uninstallation of software: (All this remotely with our differential that there is no hourly charge but we work by contract or payment for service - A differential that fits in your pocket and benefits you with quality and full guarantee of our services).


To be an excellent information technology solutions company through services and products offered to our customers, with the differential of high quality, speed, security, personalized and uncomplicated service, extensive technical knowledge of the market segment and always keeping the commitment to offer the best prices and the easiest payment terms.


● Full knowledge of the services and products offered.
● Critical vision for closing the deal.
● Proactivity to offer the appropriate alternative to the client's needs.
● Agility, security and the best price.
● Ethical commitment to honesty and truth in conducting business.


Computer Technical Assistance 

 Our Services


Learn more about Preventive and Corrective Maintenance


Preventive and corrective maintenance of computers is a service that avoids as much as possible that your company will have setbacks or problems with computer equipment and also personal computers that need this service so as not to present problems and financial losses in the future.

We carry out an analysis of the installation and configuration of the operating system and equipment, and we also install all the necessary programs for a better performance of your computer, providing a more efficient system.

Our computer maintenance services are performed by experts in the diagnosis and repair of any device make or model.

Networks - Configuration and Installation


Wireless network installation and configuration

Installation and configuration of Wireless Routers, sales, Creation, maintenance, analysis of Installation and configuration of Wireless Routers, sales, Creation, maintenance, analysis of products and services.products and services.


 We do projects for positioning wireless equipment, installing signal repeaters, configuring security and encryption keys (WAP and WEP), installing and changing antennas (aiming to achieve better performance), configuring firewall and other services. We always seek to identify the real needs of the customer, we combine the wired (wired) and wireless network. We recommend reading it for those who have doubts about it or don't really know if it's necessary.


Through maintenance contracts, we take care of all our customers' IT equipment with quality and competence, releasing them for personalized action in the "core business" activities, adding value to the company's business. 

We work with maintenance and technical assistance for computers and notebooks of brands HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, Positivo, Sony Vaio, Asus, Megaware, Semp-Toshiba, Itautec, Amazon PC, and unbranded equipment (assembled) in general.


Implementation of structured networks, wireless, cabling in establishments and home networks.



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